Blue Ocean Creative Thinking


Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:
- Have a better understanding of the concept of Blue Ocean
- Learn how the principles of Blue Ocean will change the way we perceive “solutions’ in problem solving
- Be able to apply tools for Blue Ocean Problem Solving and Decision making
- Know how to apply what they learn in daily business decision making activities



1. The New Paradigm of Blue Ocean in Management

- The four drivers of businesses in the 21st century
- Paradigm shift towards the Blue Ocean Approach
- Principles of Blue Ocean Problem Solving and Decision Making


2. Locating Problems and Solutions

- Identification of problem
- Ways to diagnose and analyze problems
- Different levels of thought in problem solving

3. The Use of Creative Tools

- The tools of AS-PO
- Applications of AS-PO
- Using AS-PO to solve problems


4. The Workflow of Blue Ocean Decision Making

- Look at problems from alternative angles
- How to simplify problems
- Assess the pros and cons of alternatives


5. Application of Blue Ocean Decision Making
- The New Angle of Decision Making
- Assessing risks
- Implementing Blue Ocean decisions