Enhancing Personal Effectiveness

Frequent contact with people can induce conflicts and confusion unless we are able to cope with those situations effectively. More and more researches have shown that the art of managing oneself more effectively through better time, EQ and stress management have become the most important factors for achieving personal as well as corporate success. This workshop aims to provide useful insights on enhancing personal effectiveness.




Understand how personal effectiveness can be improved
• Learn to leverage on time management
• Acquire a better understanding of EQ and stress management
• Be able to apply these skills to achieve better results



1. What is personal effectiveness

• The three factors that constitute personal effectiveness
• Effectiveness vs. Efficiency
• Skills to enhance personal effectiveness

2. Breakthrough performance through effective time

• The art of setting goals
• SMART principle
• Prioritization of tasks

3. Managing your EQ
• The role of EQ in the working environment
• The importance of self-awareness