Hot Training Topics  by KPI 

1. Teambuilding



• Build up Trust among Team members to work effectively
• Keys to developing positive relationships with different styles
• See from others perspective
• Recognize the contributions of different individuals and teams
• Creating a sense of belonging and motivate one self
• The importance of having a common goal and morale boot up
• The impact of communication on a focused team
• How clarification of roles enhances team effectiveness
• How careful listening to instructions leads to less errors
• The necessity for interdependence among the group
• How individual interest can sometimes jeopardize team unity


2. Blue Ocean Strategic Thinking



•  Have a better understanding of the concept of Blue Ocean

•  Learn how the principles of Blue Ocean will change the way we perceive    “solutions’ in problem solving
•  Be able to apply tools for Blue Ocean Problem Solving and Decision making
•  Know how to apply what they learn in daily business decision making activities

3. Effective Coaching & Delegation



• To explain the importance of coaching and delegation
To produce results through effective coaching and delegation
To provide real-world techniques to coach and delegate through good  communication
To apply these techniques in their daily work