Leadership Skills



In a globalized business environment, frequent contact with people can induce conflicts and confusion unless we are able to take the leading role to influence others effectively. More and more researches have shown that the art of leadership has become the most important factor for achieving corporate success. This workshop aims to provide useful insights upon the art of leading and influencing others through which one can be in a better position to compete and excel in the future


Upon completion of the programme, participants will:


- Gain further insights into the Company’s desired state

- Develop a performance-driven work climate

-  Recognize more effective ways to work with others
-  Develop and enhance their leadership skills
- Adapt their leadership style to suit different circumstances
- Know how to influence others to achieve better results
-  Be able to build effective teams and contribute more to team success


This workshop is designed for those who would like to understand the nature of leadership and be able to influence others more effectively in day-to-day business scenario


Lecture, exercise, role-play and case studies

Content Outline


1. The difference between leading and managing

- Why leading is critical for corporations to achieve success in the 21st century
- Leading a performance-driven team
- Qualities of successful leaders

2. Situational approach to Leadership

- How leadership can be situational
- Identify the critical factors in situational leadership
- When to apply the appropriate leadership style

3. Enhancing performance through better leadership

- Setting SMART goals and take action
- Aligning personal objectives with company’s desired state
- Getting result through people

4. Working with others in more effective ways

- Influencing people in other teams
- Managing difficult staffs
- Coaching for better results

5. Enhancing team business results

- Build Win-Win team spirits
- Handling team conflicts
- Establish a learning culture