Matrix Leadership




Leadership has been evolving since the era of manufacturing where the leadership style of command and control was the norm. As the economy is becoming more service-driven, leaders need to be able to engage and empower their staff so that swift and effective decisions can be made in a timely manner.


Today, technology has enabled organizations to work in a globalized manner and more matrixed organizational structures require a great deal of coordination: that is, one needs to organize work so that good things happen—whether you are in control or not. And, our more widely spread and looser organizations today require that matrix leaders cultivate and coordinate effectively as to encourage people’s capabilities and ideas—whether they report to you or not.


This workshop aims to provide an updated framework with principles and techniques for matrix leaders to navigate within and out the organization so that people with whom you do not have any formal authority upon will collaborate to achieve the desired business results.

Time & Tasks Management 4.0



Time is a precious asset. Wasted time is money out the window – so it needs to be looked after properly and used wisely. In view of the tempo of today’s business world, managers must know how to manage their time more effectively and cash in on every second of the day while be able to fulfil their task requirements. This workshop aims to provide a framework for participants to manage their time and task activities effectively.  



Commitment to Excellence!



Good service requires the participation of all members in the organization that comprises of inputs by individuals. Having a commitment to excellence is a pre-requisite for effective and efficient work and this workshop is designed for participants to acquire a comprehensive understanding of how positive work culture can be induced into the organization.

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