Meet The Team

The quality of the trainer/consultant  is critical to the success of a training. We are therefore proposing the highest quality trainer for every training programme. With our subject matter experts' in-depth experience in training, delivering seminars; staff development and coaching, and sharing of first-hand experience in enhancing personal and organizational effectiveness and team development, we believe that  participants will be able to understand and apply the theories at work, and will be facilitated effectively to communicate and share their views during the workshop.

Addy Leung

Program Director

O: (852) 2861 8759    | M: (852) 9738 3918

F:  (852) 3158 3143

Addy is a recognized project consultant and business developers for many years and his work displays a high level of satisfaction from his clients, and the results continuously exceed his clients’ expectations.

  • A  Hospitality Consultant
  •  E-Learning/ System/Management Training Consultant
  •  Business Development Director for big consulting firms.

Addy holds a Master Degree from The University Of Hong Kong and a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from The De Montfort University, UK.  He is a member of the Institute of Hospitality (formerly HCMIA)

O: (852) 2861 8759 |

F:  (852) 3158 3143

Dr. Michael Kwong

Prinicpal Advisor

Dr. Michael Kwong holds degree from the University of Nottingham (U.K.) and Newport University (U.S.). He has worked in various leading media corporations including Asia Television, The Express News (Deputy Sales Director) and the New Evening Post (General Manager, Advertising Dept.) with over ten years’ successful experience in the  Sales and marketing field.

He is frequently invited to give talks on Marketing Strategy, Management/Leadership Skills, Professional Selling, Customer Service, CRM and other related topics by business and non-profit making organizations including Hong Kong Institute of Marketing, Hong Kong Council for Social Services, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce etc. Dr. Kwong has been a part-time lecturer and trainer for Chinese University of Hong Kong (SCS), City University of Hong Kong (SCOPE), Hong Kong Productivity Council, The Hong Kong Management Association, Lingnan University (LIFE), Hong Kong Polytechnic University (CBC, HKCC & SPEED) etc.

Dr. Kwong was the co-author of “Relationship Marketing: the business strategy for e- commerce” published in February 2000 and a contributing author of “The 21st Century Business Strategy” published in January 2001 and “Strategies in Peformance Management” published by Yan Oi Tong in December 2006.

Dr. Kwong had delivered workshops/ seminars on the following topics:
- Supervisory Skills
- I-Ching Management
- Sun Tzu Strategies
- Lao Tzu Leadership
- Customer Service Excellence
- Win-Win Negotiation
- Customer Relationship Management

- Professional Selling Skills
- Marketing Strategy
- EQ and AQ
- Creativity
- Team Building and Communication
- Time Management
- Public Relations and Media
- Stress Management
- Event Management


Dr. Kwong is currently an independent non-executive director for New Capital Investment (1062) and China Haidian Group Ltd (256), both listed in HK Stock Exchange, and a training consultant specializing in the area of China Management, Selling, Negotiation, CRM and Marketing

O: (852) 2861 8759 |

F:  (852) 3158 3143

Dr. Christopher Tan

Subject Matter Expert - Quantitative Management Of Corporate Performance

Graduated from Cornell University (Master) and University of South Australia (DBA), Dr Tan has many years of training and research experience at the national level. He has served the World Bank and a number of governments (UK, NY, HK, China and Vietnam) as national consultant and research advisor. His research and training facilitate organization’s systematic and sustainable business growth that based on evidence.



Chief Consultant, The World Bank Asia Pacific Learning Network

Chief Consultant on Action Research, Vietnam Ministry of Education

Chief Consultant on Life Game, Hong Kong Education Bureau

Corporate Consultant, Hong Kong Baptist University

Program Examiner, Oracle Education Foundation

Adjunct Associate Professor, Hong Kong Buddhist College

Doctorate Degree Examiner, University of New Castle

Corporate Development


Research consultant for Worldwide Insurance Group

  • Critical Success factors of top-performing managers

  • Competency model

  • Stress and team model for insurance agencies

  • Active quality change program

  • Research consultant for Tao Heung Group (稻香集團)

  • Employee satisfaction focus groups


Dr. Tan had delivered workshops/ seminars on the following topics:

  • Knowledge management of state-enterprise marketing 

  • Business development simulation game

  • Leadership and communication styles

  • Management development skills

Ruth Benny

Subject Matter Expert - Presentation & Communication

O: (852) 2861 8759

F:  (852) 3158 3143

Ruth Benny has over fifteen years' business experience, the vast majority in training and adult education in Hong Kong.  She spent six years with a major international banking institution working with executives in the Asia Pacific region. She was involved in the company's transformation into a 'learning organisation', particularly its adoption of e-learning and methods of learning other than traditional classroom training.

She has also worked with clients in the fields of hospitality, telecoms and insurance as well as government bodies and non-profit organisations.

Ruth is a champion speaker and evaluator as part of the international Toastmasters Community.

Ruth simplifies and demystifies the process of designing a presentation for anyone who needs to speak in public.

She can successfully coach you on the three essential aspects of presentations: structure, content, and delivery.

O: (852) 2861 8759

F:  (852) 3158 3143

Danny Chan

Senior Consultant

Prior to entering management consultancy, Danny worked for two of the largest telecommunications operators in Hong Kong. Starting as a trainer, he has over ten years of solid training experience and delivered many training workshops on various topics, in which he trained from frontline staff to senior executives. His last in-house capacity was the head of training and development overseeing staff development for more that 1,500 staff members.

He has worked with and assisted numerous organizations to achieve breakthrough performances in their operations. Amongst his many accomplishments are successes in facilitating superior performances out of the people he has trained such as:


Distinguished Salesperson Award (DSA) from the HK Management Association – he assisted DSA candidates to achieve Awardees qualification 5 years in a row


♦ Service & Courtesy Award from the HK Retail Management Association

Danny  has conducted a wide range of training programs covering topics from managerial development training, leadership, team-building, sales and customer services skills and train-the-trainer programs. Several popular programs such as: ‘Building High Performance Team’, ‘Effective Supervisory Series’ and ‘Creating Customer Passion’ are part of the popular programs.

Cindy Yu

Senior Consultant

O: (852) 2861 8759

F:  (852) 3158 3143

Cindy possesses more than 25 years work experience with over 10 years in training and consultant to deliver different corporate training programs in the region of Greater China, Taiwan & Hong Kong. She has a highly successful track record in working with groups and facilitating learning, activities and interpersonal communication for all levels of participants; including in Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Education, Medical, Hotel, Transportation, Biotechnology, IT, Cosmetic , Food & Beverage ,Consumer Products and Manufacturing industries since 1999.

She has been accredited as Certified Internal Quality Auditor and Mystery Shopper of Qualicert® by SGS Limited. Besides, she has been also certified as Professional Corporate Trainer (Level 1) by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China.

Cindy is able to create an open and friendly atmosphere throughout the training which can inspire, encourage and facilitate learning. She is also good at quoting examples and sharing personal experience in supporting the training theories, her practical approach has made her training very impressive and outstanding. Her warm and nurturing personality predisposes her uniquely as a facilitator skills trainer.

Cindy graduated from the University of Perugia in Italy and MBA awarded by University of Dubuque.She also holds a Fellowship of Life Underwriter Training Council of America (LUCTF) and is a member of Chartered Financial Planner of China (FChFP). Cindy speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and Italian.

Her areas of expertise are in soft skills including: -

-  Achieving Service Excellence
-  Consultative Selling
-  Communication Skills
-  Coaching & Motivation
-  Enneagram
-  Leadership Management for Supervisory
-  Negotiation Skills
-  Presentation Skills
-  Personal Branding
-  Social Styles
-  Team Building Indoor / Outdoor
-  Time Management