Achieving Services Excellence


* Understand the importance and their role in achieving Customer Service Excellence
* Positive and proactive mindset for service providers and better EQ
* Acquire communication skills in meeting with different types and conditions of Clients
* Understand the flexibility approach to different conditions of customers and   interaction process in Service
* Acquire techniques of effective communication skills
* Professional face to face and telephone service handling skills
* Handling complaint and difficult customers
* Attaining after-sales service excellence and walking that extra miles



  • The Importance of Service Excellence
  • Formulating presentation strategies
  • Emotion And Stress Management For Service Providers
  • Opening of the Service Interaction Process
  • Managing the Service Interaction through Better Communication and     Understanding of Customers
  • Professional Telephone Handling
  • Complain Handling and Concluding the Interaction
  • Role-play

Learning Methodology

  •  Mini-lecture
  •  Experiential Activities
  •  Games
  •  Case study sharing
  •  Group Discussion
  •  Exercises
  •  Negotiation Tools and Map
  •  Role-play
  •  Action Planning


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