Strategic Management With Sun Tzu【孫子戰略管理】




“The Art of War” was written by Sun Tzu, a military expert in Ancient China almost 3,000 years ago and is one of the most celebrated strategists in world history. His strategic framework is still frequently being referred to as “bible” on strategy formulation for business applications. This workshop aims to merge the strategic framework of Sun Tzu with modern strategic planning tools so that ancient wisdom can be used to cope with business problems today.


- 了解孫子戰略思維
- 懂得制訂戰略目標
- 以古喻今
- 學以致用


In a business world where resources are scarce and the expectations of the organization are high, it is necessary for executives to think strategically so that resources can be leveraged and goals are to be met. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:
- Have a clear understanding of how Sun Tzu uses strategic thinking to plan for his work
- Know how goals and strategies should be formulated
- Learn how ancient wisdom can be used with modern management tools
- Be able to apply what they learn to their daily work




Lecture, exercise, games and discussions



1. 現代營商與孫子 Modern Business and Sun Tzu
- 廿一世紀的營商環境與戰略管理架構
21st Century Business Environment and Strategic Framework


- 如何把孫子的策略應用到現代戰略管理
How to Apply Sun Tzu’s Strategies in Modern Business Environment


- 孫子智慧與商業戰爭模型
Sun Tzu’s Wisdom and Competitive Model

2. 孫子的戰略思維框架 Strategic Framework of Sun Tzu

- 多算者勝的戰略 The Strategy of Numbers
- 西方環境分析的模型 External and Internal Audit
- 知彼知己,百戰不怠 Winning through Thorough Audits

3. 孫子戰略的訂定 Formulation of Sun Tzu’s Strategies

- 戰略目標的訂定方法 How Strategies are Formulated
- 孫子的戰略 Sun Tzu’s Strategies
- 情報系統與用間篇 Market Intelligence


4. 評估孫子的戰略執行 Evaluation of Sun Tzu’s Strategic Implementation
- 孫子領導術與戰略實施 Leadership with Sun Tzu and Strategic Implementation
- 資源評估:道、天、地、將、法 Assessment of Resources
- 戰略的修正與應變 Correction and Change of Strategies